Chad_PersonChad Person

Chad Person is the CMO and Co-Founder of, where he’s leading a revolution in static site and application development. He has a decade of professional experience in UX, design, product development, digital marketing, and visual communication; having deployed applications, interactive exhibits, and networking sites serving tens of millions of users. He is also an internationally exhibited artist, university lecturer, public speaker, and startup advisor.

Chad Person’s artwork has been widely exhibited and collected. He’s had solo shows in Los Angeles, Denver, Marfa, and New York. Person’s work employs an array of mediums to illustrate concepts of cultural dominance, community, consumerism, and Manifest Destiny. Person is no apologist, and his critiques are bluntly critical. His inflatable sculptures offer uniquely themed portraits of retired or soon-to-be retired cultural icons. Furthermore, his widely exhibited currency collages indict the wastefulness of the military industrial complex, and fragility of the American Dream. named him “the most paranoid man in America” for his project, an attempt to build his own survival shelter and repurpose household items into essential survival tools- which led to an investigation by the BATF.

His most recent major project, ‘The Prospector’ was a 40’ guerrilla pop up sculpture at the Colorado State Capitol, in partnership with Black Cube. It will be exhibited this fall at Red Line in a solo exhibition of Person’s inflatable sculpture series.