Romain-squareRomain Vakilitabar

After a bad accident where he was forced to contemplate life, Romain decided he would pursue a journey worth living. Since then, he spent years building a business doomed to fail, published his children’s book communicating climate change to younger audiences, and traveled the world with Unreasonable at Sea, a social entrepreneurship accelerator on a ship, helping nine ventures scale globally. 

Now, as the Vice President of Watson University, a new university model which brings in 20 of the most promising next generation leaders to Colorado where they learn the skills needed to solve the world’s toughest intractable problems, Romain loves helping students who are looking to make an impact discover the power of entrepreneurship. He’s written for, is featured in the new books “2 Billion Under 20” and “Compassionate Careers”, has spent time in the townships of South Africa and was voluntarily homeless in the streets of Scandinavia to train his mental resilience and to test the dogma that “need is the mother of all invention.”