William_Espey_UseThisOneWilliam Espey

William is the driving force behind Chipotle’s unique brand voice—irreverent and cheeky yet generous and intelligent. William started with Chipotle 15 years ago when the company had fewer than 20 locations and has seen the company grow to more than 1,600 restaurants and counting in the U.S. and abroad. For the first decade of his tenure he was the sole internal creative resource, responsible for concept, copy, design and production, on everything from outdoor billboards to custom gift cards. The voice of the Chipotle brand that he generated wasn’t the result of a calculated corporate strategy, but developed organically as William’s personal expression of Chipotle’s unique values and culture. Today, as the Brand Voice Lead, William ensures that Chipotle’s original tone and personality remains consistent across all aspects of the growing brand, from traditional advertising to the wildly innovative and successful unbranded content Chipotle now creates.